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Beaver Island

(Beaver Island map)

Beaver Island is the largest island in Lake Michigan and part of the Beaver Island archipelago. Once home to a unique American monarchy, the island is now a popular tourist and vacation destination.

Beaver Island lies approximately 32 miles (51 km) from the city of Charlevoix on the mainland, and can only be reached by air or boat. The island has two airports.

The town of Saint James is on the northern end of the island. Here visitors can find shopping, dining, a grocery store, a library, a hardware store, museums, and a public marina. Car and bike rentals are also available. For the adventurous visitor, there is no shortage of outdoor activities on the island, including hiking, kayaking, fishing, sailing and even scuba diving. If you're simply looking to relax, there is no shortage of peaceful beaches and beautiful water views.

Getting There

Beaver Island is served by two airlines: Island Airways and Fresh Air Aviation. Island Airways' planes fly from Charlevoix to Welke Airport (6Y8), a privately owned public-access airport in Peaine Township. Fresh Air Aviation's planes fly from Charlevoix to the township-owned public airport (KSJX), on the west side of the island, also in Peaine Township.

Beaver Island Boat Company runs a scheduled auto ferry service from Charlevoix during most of the year. Service is available from May through September, and the ferry is closed from January through March.